Homestay Experience

CheersBye Vacation Rentals lets you experience the Real India by opening the doors to beautiful family homes and engaging hosts.

India is easy to find on the map but the real India, rich with experiences is more elusive. It is a land of such dizzying diversity, that local insight is not just a luxury but essential to its discovery. CheersBye Vacation Rentals takes travelers to a world that no hotel chain could hope to uncover.

History and Culture

Homestays in India selected by CheersBye Vacation Rentals are run by the most respected families of the area and are the hub of activity and culture. They not only have the highest standards of service and maintenance but also open your eyes to regional festivals, rituals, traditions and so much more. Often they have enough influence to ensure that guests get VIP treatment at local tourist sites and important events.

Regional Insights

Most families that host CheersBye Vacation Rentals’ guests have invaluable information about the best attractions and activities their region can offer. These hidden gems are hardly ever found on a map or a guide book but can be discovered when staying with CheersBye Homestay. For those who love the luxury of local insight, this is the only way to travel.

Responsible Travel

Many Indian homestays have turned to eco-tourism in order to run their establishment while preserving their surrounding ecosystem. From employing simple, resource saving techniques to give a portion of earnings to a local organization, they do a lot to give back to their land. And through them, guests can help maintain the beauty of the place.