Udaipur is located in the state of Rajasthan. Important distances to other tourist destinations are Agra – 630 km, Ahmedabad - 262 km, Jaipur - 406 km, Jodhpur – 275 km and Mount Abu – 185 km. Chittorgarh Fort is approximately 90 minutes by car from Udaipur. And en-route to Ajmer.


Udaipur was once known as Mewar. It is the land of patriots and heroes. The Mewar dynasty traces its roots to the Sun God and tributes toi the sun can be seen in many palaces. Udaipur was founded by Rana Udai Singh after Chittor fell to Akbar in 1568.


The main attraction of Udaipur is its rich and royal history. There are some of the grandest palaces and hotels here. Udaipur has been the site of innumerable fashion shoots, movies and elite campaigns. Every inch of this proud city speaks of a royal essence and roots.


Due to the region's arid climate, the food is usually laced with a lot of butter and ghee. Cold beverages are integral to staying hydrated. TThe famous makhania lassi, mango lassi, pyaaz kachori and dal-baati-choorma are the state's specialties. Read more
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