Srinagar's history can be traced back to further than 3rd century BC and it was founded by the King Pravarasena II. In the 1st century, it was under the Kushans who strengthened Buddhist influence here, which was first intoduced by King Ashoka. In the 6th century it fell into the hands of the Huns. After India's independence certain tribes supported Pakistani forces and in successive decades almost all hindus were violently driven out of the state and the capital. Today, Srinagar is the largest Indian city with a non-hindu population.


Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir and lies on the banks of River Jhelum.


Most of Srinagar's best restaurants and cafes are located in Lal chowk or on Boulevard. They specialise in Kashmiri, Indian and Mughlai dishes. A few pure vegetarian restaurants can also be found but the region is primarily non vegetarian and specialities are Rogan-gosht, Gushtaba, Tabakmaaz and and Kanti. Seekh-tuji is another popular delicacy, which is made at its best in the Khayaam region. The locals particularly enjoy grilled mutton which is called tilli or tekh. Kahwah is a traditional Kashmiri drink. It is like a green tea with saffron, cinnamon and cardamom. It is usually served with sugar or honey and crushed nuts. Namkeen Chai also called Nun Chai or pink tea is also famous.


It is famous for shikaras, houseboats and floating florists. And also exports lots of handicrafts and dry fruits that are unique to Kashmir. Just outside the city are the Shalimar Gardens, which were created by Jehangir in 1619. Srinagar is filled with many gardens that were made by the Mughlas like the Mughal gardens, Chashme-e-shahi and Nishant bagh. Recently, the Tulip Garden was opened in the city. The Hazratbal Mosque is Srinagar's most important and is highly venerated amongst muslims. Roza Bal is a place which is said to be the resting place of Jesus. Lal chowk and Boulevard are the most place to find good restaurants and cafes.


People including drivers don't speak English well. The aid of passersby maybe needed to communicate. Getting directions and address written down at the hotel or homestay is a good idea. And it's suggested that you should sound like you know where to go. This prevents auto drivers from fleecing visitors. Read more
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