Spiti is vividly influenced by the Buddhist culture of Tibet and Ladakh. It has long been an important research and cultural hub of Buddhism. Spiti's Pin Valley is now home to the few surviving Phuchen Lamas who belong of the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism.


The three meals of a day are called Ken/tshema, which is breakfast, Shod, which is lunch and yangskin/gongal, which is dinner. Kathu or buckwheat is the staple food and is supplemented by barley, wheat and rice. Amongst drinks chhang, which is a type of beer is consumed heavily as are arak, lugri or tsagti. Butter is added to salted tea.


Spiti is home to the Ki and Tabo monastery, which are one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Many trekking routes ranging from hard to simple are found here. It is a beautiful but undiscovered land, which makes it a photographer's delight. There are many important monasteries here like the Kye monastery and the ones in Kaza. Keylong museum an the ruined fort are important historical spots. and the Pin Valley National Park is the home of many endangered animals like the snow leopard.


Spiti is located in the north-eastern part of Himachel Pradesh and is nestled in the Himalayan range. Even the word "Spiti" indicates the land's location as it literally means "The Middle Land", which in this case represents the region between India and Tibet and India. Read more
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