Palakkad lies near the Palaghat Gap, a natural pass through the Western Ghats that run parallel to the west coast of India. it is located in Kerala and connects it to plains of Tamil Nadu.


Natural beauty is the best part of Palakkad, an untouched part of Kerala. It has history is the form of Tipu Sultan's fort also called Palakkad Fort as well as many dams which serve as great picnic spots for families. For wildlife lovers there are the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and Silent Valley National Park. These advertise that tigers and panthers call them home but they are rarely ever seen.


The main language spoken is Malayalam. English and Hindi are limited to people related to the hospitality industry.


Rice is the protagonist of every meal. Fresh vegetables and fruits are served with every meal. The food is as colourful as it is delicious. A feast for all the senses. Read more
6,000per night

Romantic home surrounded by rubber plantation

Homestay Sleeps: 6 Reviews (2): 9.94
8,033per night

A Tharavad home in rural Palakkad

Homestay Sleeps: 8 No reviews

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