Nainital is one of North India's most popular and famous hill stations. It is called the lake district of Uttarakhand.


Nainital was founded in 1841 by a European merchant and hunting enthusiast. In time it became the summer capital of the who's who of North India. In ancient times, the region was called Khasdesh and the Khasis ruled it. In 1880, Nainital suffered drastically due to two days of torrential downpour. Landslides crushed houses and created what is now called the Flats, tourist spot. But in the days of the Raj, it became the summer headquarters of the colonial administration and a popular retreat. Many schools, barracks etc. were opened here which till date evoke aspiration.


Nainital has long been the favoured hill station for North Indians. This is not just because of its natural beauty but also due to the large number of activities available. Unlike other hill stations where usually one can just relax, read and go on walks here one can go sailing, boating, golfing, horse riding, try day tours and much more. It is a perfect place for families with lots of options for everyone and this adds to its traffic during summer vacations. Read more
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A boutique Himalayan homestay

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At Lake Pleasant Cottage

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Beautiful cottage amidst Peach orchard

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Cosy home at Nanital with great hosts

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Cosy homestay with verdant surroundings

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Farmstay overlooking the mesmerizing hills

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Home with British architecture amidst dense Oak forest

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Home with hand crafted decor

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Ideal home for bird watchers and couples

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Modern cottage with village experience

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Perfect holiday retreat

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Perfect place for great holiday

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