Mount Abu
The highest peak in the desert state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu has lakes, waterfalls, mountains and the cool air. Marbel Jain temples, lakes and beautiful view points are a lovely change of scenery from the rest of arid Rajasthan.


The highest peak in the desert state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is that one respite from the harsh summer in the state. Pleasantly different in topography from the rest of the state, Mount Abu lies at about 1700 meters as an impressive oasis. Ironic to the desert expanse of Rajasthan, enjoy the lakes, waterfalls, mountains and the cool air of this hill-station. Mount Abu is known for its Dilwara temples, Nakki Lake and the annual dance and music festival.


Erstwhile 'Arbudaanchal', Mount Abu derived its name from the Arbuda Mountains, which were home to the Gurjar community for ages. Many inscriptions carry the evidence of this settlement in historical developments of the region. Their presence has been notified since the 6th century A.D. This was prior to the Mughal period. Post this, a number of dynasties wielded power over the area from the Chauhans to the Parmars. Going back further in history, it is said that a serpent by the name of 'Arbuda' saved the life of Shiva's bull, Nandi. The incident happened on a hill named "Arbudaranya", which later came to be known as Abu.


Though Mount Abu is different in topography, the delicious and rich Rajasthani food is widely available here. Try the millet bread with garlic chutney, some local snacks like Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpauas and Dal Baati Churma. Explore local restaurants to try the typical cuisine.


The local dialect of Rajasthani, Hindi and English are widely spoken in the region. Mount Abu has adapted to plenty of tourists that come here and thus one is bound to be comfortable and can take directions easily.


The main lake of Mount Abu is the biggest attraction and forms the distinct landscape of the city. Apart from this centrally located charming location, there is a host of temples, trekking trails and viewing points from where one can enjoy the scenery. The annual Mount Abu festival also becomes a good reason to visit the hill station in May. The festival is organised by Rajasthan Tourism and has exciting features like fireworks, various competitions, dances and music concerts. Read more
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