It is located at about 2400 meters height above the sea level. And is about 45 kilometers from Shimla. The location falls under Tehsil Theog.


Matiana is basically a small village. The local people are basically Rajputs and worship Goddess Durga (Ma Maheshwari or Bhagvati). They are devout followers of the Goddess. Many believe that people from the upper part of Himachal are the natives while the rest are migrants.


Pahari is the local language but hindi is spoken by virtually everyone.


Much like everything else in the hills, even the cuisine of Matiana is simple and unadulterated. Fresh fruits are grown in many orchards around which also produce fresh jams, jellies etc. vegetables are grown locally and therefore are fresh when cooked.


In Matiana one must sit for a cup of tea, bite of an apple from the local orchards or click a photograph of the beautiful landscapes. Offering a view of high peaked mountains, with fresh breeze airing through the local village, Matiana offers to be one of the most mesmerizing and soul invigorating locations in the lap of nature. Trekking, horse riding, driving, picnics, golfing etc. are popular activities. Read more
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Home set in an apple orchard in a vast valley

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As Matiana is high up in the hills it is pleasant all year round. Summers are usually not crowded by the hottest part of the year. Snow can be found in places like Hatu even in March.