Manali is located in central Himachal Pradesh. It is 32 km from Kullu and 280 km from Shimla.


Many languages like Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi and even Kashmiri are locally spoken. English is also common due to the ex-pat influence in the region.


The state of Himachal Pradesh is most famous for its red, juicy apples. And naturally, the apple juice and cider produced here is unmatched by any other brand or place. But for those who prefer their drinks with a bit of a kick, Lugdi and Chhang are the perfect options. These are locally produced alcoholic drinks and have a pretty robust flavor. Old Manali has some fantastic cafes and restaurants which have been opened by ex-pats and retired celebrities. Here you can find cuisines of the world in the finest avatar. Many of these hangouts also play live music and host budding artisits.


Manali has long been the preferred holiday spot of North India's privileged crowd. It's loved by ex-pats, adrenaline junkies and even families because it is naturally beautiful, posh, hip and has many dynamically opposite things to offer like adventure sports and temple tours. Manali truly has something for everyone.


Manali's history has a heady dose of myth and folklore mixed in with facts and figures. The name 'Manali' is drawn from the sage Manu of the epic Mahabharata. Manali is the place where Manu found refuge during a great flood. Modern Manali's history began with the British. They made this land their escape from the harsh Indian summers. With them they brought orchards and fishing. Marijuana, manaal and others are grown in select parts of Manali but this is like an open secret. This has been the case since the 60's and isn't advertised to the general public. Read more
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Camping at Great Himalayan National Park

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Cosiness in the lap of nature

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Sights and attractions in and around Manali

Summers in Manali are pleasant and beautiful. In March and April, spring is at its best but from November to January the snow-clad region becomes an unforgettable sight. River rafting is only possible in summers. The path the Rohtang pass often becomes closed due to heavy snowfall, sometimes this can happen as early as October. Kullu's Dussehra is very simple but famous and it falls around October-November.

Distance to other cities

Spiti197 Km
Matiana215 Km
Dharamsala217 Km
Shimla259 Km
Chandigarh316 Km
Delhi527 Km
Ranikhet756 Km