The name Malappuram means "terraced place atop the hills" or simply "hilltop", derived from the general geographical characteristics of the city.As the name suggests, Malappuram is covered with small beautiful mountains of lush greenery, surrounded with fresh water streams flowing through the city.


Malappuram is situated in the state of Kerala and is 50 km southeast of Kozhikode, 90 km northwest of Palakkad. and 140 km northwest of Coimbatore. The city is well connected by rail and road with Angadipuram railway station being the closest station serving the city. Kozhikode international airport connects the city to the rest of India and the world.


Malappuram has been a military headquarters of local chieftains since ancient times and has been witness to various military campaigns in the region. Malappuram, has been inhabited since pre-historic times and there are numerous relics of ancients habitation in caves found around the city. In modern times, Malappuram has been a center of both Vedic and Islamic studies. Read more
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