Kashid is located in Maharashtra. It is 30 kms from Alibaug and 160 kms form Mumbai.


The local language is Konkani and Hindi. English is spoken by some people.


Little is known about Kashi'd history. But witnesses to its past are seen if the form of forts and monuments which are often 500 years old. The rulers of Ahmed Nagar had a important role in building Kashid's skyline way back in the 15th century. Kashid much like other parts of the country was attacked by many rulers but the grand Kashid fort was never conquered by anyone. Even great conquerors like Shivaji, Sambhaji, the Peshwas, the British and the Portuguese had to turn away defeated.


Sea food is naturally a local favourite. Konkani style of cooking is prominent. Street food is easily available which includes snacks like sandwiches, omlettes, rice based dishes etc. Such stalls open early in the day shut at dusk. The Kashid beach is lined with such options as well as stalls selling refreshing and fresh coconut water.


Kashid is s small getaway near Mumbai, which is most famous for its pristine and uncrowded beach. For this reason, it's often unjustly called the ‘poorman's Goa'. Other than the beach Kashid also has 2 important forts called the Janjira Fort and the Revdanda Fort. The former is a 15th century fort which is one of the world's few forts that sit in the middle of the sea. For nature lovers the nearby Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is an important attraction as it houses many beautiful species of birds, butterflies and wild animals. Read more
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Kashid is beautiful and welcoming all year round, except during monsoons from June and September.