Kasauli - one of the prominent hill stations of Himachal Pradesh is primarily an army camp. Typical of all Indian hill stations, it has a mall road, view points, quaint stores and more. The only difference is that is has retained all of it pretty much untouched and unspoilt. Close proximity to Delhi and Chandigarh makes it a popular weekend destination


The colonial heritage still hangs heavy in the crisp cool air of Kasauli, one of the most prominent hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. A muse for many writers, Kasauli has all the trappings of a serene hill station to beat the heat during the great Indian Summer. Get here for a relaxed, slow paced holiday rather than action packed activities. Long walks in the meandering roads, cups of tea with locals and catching up on a good book is the order of the day in Kasauli. For many travellers it's a preferred stop over to destinations beyond, rather than the more tourist congested Shimla or Chandigarh.


With an anecdotal story an imperative part of any Indian destination, Kasauli too has its fair share. It is said that Lord Hanuman stepped on this hill to make a leap for the Sanjeewani hill to fetch the coveted herb for Lord Ram. Modern history of Kasauli is laced with lineage of the British rule, as it was an apt summer destination for them. This is still present in colonial structures in administrative and residential buildings. Kasauli was treated more as a summer capital rather than an administration hub for the British officers.


North Indian cuisine, especially some Himachali delights are recommended in Kasauli. Sidu and Patande are two dishes that are typical of the area. Himachal Pradesh is also known for its delectable meat dishes and indigenous variations.


The local language spoken in the region are multiple - Punjabi, Dogri, Kangri and Kinnauri and Hindi. With tourism having exposed the locals to dealing with travellers, it cannot be difficult to find someone to speak in English with.


Kasauli's reclusiveness is the most pleasant part of the destination. Explore Kasauli on foot; its ancient small temples, walking trails and plush bio-diversity are worth taking in only on foot. There are a few viewing points like any hill station which are great spots for sunrise and sunset. Day trips to nearby places can be made, while keeping your base as Kasauli. Read more
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