Dindigul derives its name from the words ‘Thindu’ which means Pillow and ‘Kal’ which means Rock. It got its name because of the bare hills which overlook the city. The city of Dindigul is popular by various other names such as Biryani City, City of Locks and Textile & Tannery.


Dindigul has been ruled at different times by the Early Pandyan Kingdom, the Medieval Cholas, Pallava dynasty, the later Pandyas, the Madurai Sultanate, the Dindigul Sultanates, the Vijayanagara Empire, the Madurai Nayak Dynasty, Chanda Sahib, the Carnatic kingdom and the British. Dindigul was also under the rule of the famous Muslim Monarch, Tippusultan. Because of different rules the city has numerous historical monuments of which The Rock Fort is the most prominent.


Dindigul is located in the foothills of Sirumalai hills, more towards the south of Tamil Nadu and is bounded on the north by Erode, Coimbatore, Karur and Trichy, Sivaganga and Tiruchi District on the East, Madurai district on the South and Theni and Coimbatore Districts and Kerala State on the West. Dindigul is 420 km (260 mi) away from the southwest of Chennai and 100 km (62 mi) away from Tiruchirappalli.


Dindigul Biryani is a common and popular dish, and Dindigul is sometimes called Biryani City. Read more
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