Cochin is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is a small but important city in the state of Kerala.


Cochin also called Kochi forms the central part of Kerala's Megalithic belt. Trace of prehistoric life in the region can be found in Tripunithura. Places around Cochin are mentioned in detail by many ancient travellers such as Ma Huan in the 15th century. But Cochin's importance grew after the collapse of the port at Kodungallur in 1341 AD. The Cochin State came into being after the fall of the Kulasekhara empire in 1102 AD. The Raja of Kochi remained as the titular head even when Kochi cam under the rule of foreign empires. It was ruled by the Portuguese from 1503 to 1663 and their influence is vivid all around modern Cochin. Their rule was followed by the Dutch rule, the British Raj and finally independence.


Fort Cochin has several restaurants where you can try delicious Kerala style fish dishes and there are some good coffee shops in the appealing backstreets of the town, such as the renowned Kashi Art Café. Homes in Kerala have a treasure of delectable recipes which big brand hotels have no clue about. It is almost unforgivable to leave Kerala without trying them.


Cochin is a combination of Ernakulam, Fort Cochin and Mattancherry. Ernakulam is famous for Kerala's urban side as it holds all the big brand shops, restaurants etc and Fort Cochin is the hub Cochin's colonial past. The latter is full of old Portuguese churches and mansions. Few of the famous churches here are the St Francis' Church where Vasco de Gama was buried and the Santa Cruz Basillica. Cochin's iconic Chinese fishing nets line the sea-shore, and are just a short drive from the Santa Cruz Basillica. Close to the St Francis' Church is the Dutch cemetary. In Jew Town you can find a beautiful ancient Synagogue. There are many antique shops in the area with stunning furniture and jewels to offer. Cochin is one of the best places in Kerala to witness kathakali dancing, in particular at the Kerala Kathakalli Centre in Fort Cochin. Read more

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