Ajmer is located in Rajasthan. And important distances from Ajmer are Jaipur – 135 kms, Delhi – 389 kms, Udaipur – 274 kms.


Ajmer was established in the 7th century by the Chauhan dynasty. They continued to rule India in spite of repeated Turkish invasions. In 1509, Ajmer became a bone of contention between Mewar and Marwar. It was finally won by Marwar in 1532. In 1559, it fell into the hands of Akbar. After being passed from one dynasty to another frequently in the 1950's Ajmer merged with Rajasthan.


The food in Ajmer is heavily influenced by the Mughals. Restaurants serve dishes from the world over but they specialise in delicacies from the tandoor. Non vegetarian food is prepared well and served in most homes.


English is not the native language but it spoken and understood fairly well by people involved in the trade of tourism. Communication barrier is usually not significant.


Ajmer's premier landmark is the revered Dargah Sharif. It is tomb of Saint Muinnudin Chisti and attracts people from all backgrounds and from all parts of the world. A lesser-known treasure in Ajmer is Soni ji ki Nasiyan also called Nasiyan ji mandir. The complex houses a stunning gold-plated recreation of “Kingdom of God” as imagined in Jainism fables. Ajmer's Taragarh Fort is one of India's oldest. Besides panoramic view of the region, the spot also offers visitors a chance to visit the hallowed Miran Saheb ki Dargah. Ajmer's Anasagar Lake is popular amongst people who want to enjoy a quiet evening or morning walk. Pushkar is just 11 kilometers from Ajmer. The bohemian city is home of the world's only Brahma temple. Read more
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150 year old bungalow

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White house close to Pushkar and Ajmer Dargah

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Sights and attractions in and around Ajmer

Traveling to Ajmer between late March and July is ill-advised as the summers are harsh and unforgiving. The Dargah Sharif is packed on Jumma (Friday) and Sundays. It is also bursting at its seams on the festival of Urs. The place is usually teeming with pickpockets, touts and con-artists. It is advised to cover your head before entering the shrine. The camel fair of pushkar takes place in December and is a major attraction of the region.

Distance to other cities

Jaipur134 Km
Pali152 Km
Jodhpur201 Km
Udaipur269 Km
Delhi391 Km